Konstantinos Chorianopoulos CV in PDF

English CV

Ελληνικό Βιογραφικό

Office address

2. Adjunct Teachers Offices of the Department of Informatics and of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts

Office hours

Schedule a meeting by providing your name and email

Postal address

Ionian University Department of Informatics

Platia Tsirigoti 7

49100 Corfu GREECE

Source files and workflow

You can go a long way starting with plain-text Markdown files, which are converted to:

  1. PDF through a pandoc workflow and a LaTeX template
  2. HTML behind the scenes by Github Pages

Alternatively, if you regard digital literacy as a strictly structured and hierarchical process given to us by a higher deity, you can always use a (self-proclaimed participatory) medium such as LinkedIn, ResearchGate, etc.

The motivation for this approach is outlined in a (draft) short article: My timeline is bigger than yours.